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Certificate of Merit

MERIT: Brundholme and Low Pearson Bridges

Two new steel bridges have been installed as part of the reconstruction of the Lake District’s popular Railway Trail walking

MERIT: Heron Quay Pavilion

A five-storey steel pavilion, floating in a London dock, has delivered maximum rental space, an exemplary sustainability performance and a unique façade to …

MERIT: The Hickman

Six buildings of differing ages in Whitechapel have been refurbished, strengthened and enlarged to form a new contemporary

MERIT: Wenlock Works

An existing 1980s post-modern office building in Shoreditch has been transformed and enlarged into a modern building with 40% more floor

Merit: The Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Strengthened Edwardian steel columns along with the construction of a new rooftop structure, have helped enlarge one of Dublin’s most popular attractions. …

Merit: Scarborough Footbridge, York

Reminiscent of Viking longboats, a new weathering steel pedestrian and cycle bridge has improved access between York railway station and the city centre. …

Merit: G W Annenburg Performing Arts Centre

Forming the heart of a new cultural quarter of a prestigious college, a new circular-shaped theatre has been built into a sloping site in order to blend into …

Merit: Greatham Creek Seal Hide, Middlesbrough

The use of steel allowed a geometrically complex structure to be built on a constrained site on top of a flood defence embankment. FACT FILE Architect: …

Merit: The Macallan Distillery

Steel ring beams and columns support the green roof of a contemporary distillery building that blends into the surrounding Highland countryside. FACT FILE …

Merit: Telford Central Footbridges

Replacing an older structure that had reached the end of its working life, Telford’s Central Footbridge replacement scheme provides a new and important link …


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