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Around the Press – April 2011

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Construction News
17 March 2011
Shoppers and shovels kept separate at mall
(Bluewater Events Venue) In the halls, the steel frame has been reinforced so that it is possible to suspend weights of up 3.5 tonnes from it (the idea being that it can be a useful feature for car shows).

New Civil Engineer
17 March 2011
Pit stop precision
(Silverstone pit and paddock) “One of the main reasons for choosing a steel frame was that it gives us this flexibility,” adds John Rhodes of Populous. “Using a fairly large open plan grid, the hospitality areas can either be partitioned into separate boxes or the whole floor can be open plan for exhibitions.”

Building Magazine
18 March 2011
Up close and personal
West Ham is exploring the installation of retractable seating (Olympic Stadium) systems … although it will not be adopting the Eastlands model, where the pitch level was lowered in order to accommodate a new tier of pitch side seating.

New Civil Engineer
10 March 2011
Twisted tale
The Orbit (Olympic Park) is an extremely complicated shape. Around 9km of steel tubes – not one identical to another – connect to form an intricate geometric shape via connecting star nodes.

The Structural Engineer
15 February 2011
Green credentials of new temperature controlled high bay warehouse
(The green warehouse is) a braced steel frame structure with tapered lattice steel trusses 3.2m deep at 7.2m centres spanning clear over the 45m width of the building, and a precambered glazed triangular truss supported on a truss tower to the north end of the building.

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