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Stockholder opts for fully automated processing line

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One of the UK’s leading steel suppliers, ParkerSteel, has installed a fully-automated structural saw/drill line at its site in Canterbury.

The new Kaltenbach installation comprises, a KBS 1051 mitre cutting band saw, which is claimed to be one of the world’s fastest structural saws, inter-linked with an AS 1051 auto sorter. The saw is also close coupled to a heavy-duty, drilling system, a KDXS1015, which is a three axis, five tools per axis, carbide drilling machine.

Kaltenbach claim to have perfected the ultra fast carbide drilling and processing of steel columns and beams, with carbide drills cutting 500% faster than HSS bits.

Other features of the Kaltenback, ParkerSteel installation include: contour marking, automated hard-stamping and automatic input/output material crossway and conveyor handling systems, together with logical processing and control software.

The KBS 1051 is CNC controlled, and is said to fully exploit the full potential of carbide bands, with up to 100% faster cutting speeds said to be achievable. A key element of the Kaltenbach band saw’s performance is its use of a ball screw spindle and servomotor drive for the saw band feed. This system is said to help ensure continuous, highly accurate and repeatable smooth operation and feed rates under very high performance cutting conditions.

“More than ever in today’s market, operating efficiency is key to being competitive on cost and service levels,” said Guy Parker, ParkerSteel Managing Director. “Our new Kaltenbach  steel processing and logistics capability, along with other technology investment at our Canterbury site, helps ensure we meet our key objectives of cost effective, ultra-low operating costs and high customer service.”

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