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AD 356: Design of compression stiffeners to BS EN 1993

This Advisory Desk note presents a summary of the procedure for the design of compression stiffeners in accordance with BS EN 1993.

In BS 5950-1:2000, the need for and design of such stiffeners was covered by clause 4.5.2 (Bearing capacity of web) and clause 4.5.3 (Buckling resistance). In BS EN 1993 the need for compression stiffeners due to transverse force is presented in BS EN 1993-1-5:2006, clause 6 (Resistance to transverse forces). Although not stated, this clause covers both “web bearing” and “web buckling” mode of failure. If the design resistance of the unstiffened web is insufficient, transverse (compression) stiffeners should be provided in accordance with clause 9.1 and 9.4 of BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.

A summary of the design procedure for compression stiffener designed as a cruciform section (see figure 1 below) is:

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