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AD 486: NSSS Annex J amendment

The Sustainability Specification for structural steelwork, which is the new Annex J to the National Structural Steelwork Specification for Building Construction (NSSS), comes into force on 1st June 2022.

Before Annex J goes ‘live’, BCSA has amended the first paragraph of clause J.3.4.1 relating to fabrication waste management. The revised clause reads:

Where possible, the Steelwork Contractor should consider ordering sections “cut to length” to minimise off-cuts either by the mill, the Stockholder or the Steelwork Contractor.

Alternatively, if stock lengths are ordered, these should be used efficiently by the Steelwork Contractor to minimise waste. Splice locations in steel members, where possible, should be coordinated to fall within standard stock length sizes.

The intention is to not preferentially source sections via a particular route rather to encourage suppliers and Steelwork Contractors to optimise section lengths and to minimise off-cuts, for example using section nesting software.

Contact: Michael Sansom
Tel: 020 7747 8125

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