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AD 512: Eurocode requirements for wind bracing connections

AD 509 reminded designers that according to BS 5950, preloaded assemblies are not required when reversal is solely due to wind loading. The AD recommended that …

Steelwork branches out

The centrepiece for a spectacular city centre garden event was five fully-demountable and reusable steel-framed

AWARD: Tower of Light, Manchester

Supporting five exhaust flues, a 40m-tall steel tower is a key component of an important Combined Heat and Power energy

Factory of trusses

Providing a permanent home for the biennial Manchester International Festival (MIF), one of the largest purpose-built cultural buildings in the world is taking …

Bespoke steelwork

NSC investigates the broad range of structural components frequently used on steel-framed

AD 432: Wind loads on building canopies

The purpose of this AD note is to direct designers’ attention to PD 6688-1-4 as a source of design loads on building canopies and useful data and guidance …

Commendation: The Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre

The Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre is the largest new build residential heat network in Europe, saving over 20,000 tonnes of carbon every year. …

Pooling resources

Steel construction has come to the fore to create two large wedge-shaped halls, topped with wave-like roofs to house a waterpark and leisure space. Martin …

Award: T-Pylon

The result of a design competition to find a 21st Century power pylon for Nationalgrid UK, the T-Pylon has very few parts, can be erected quickly and requires …


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