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Slim floor solutions with enhanced version of SIDS

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Corus has announced the launch of a new and enhanced version of the SIDS software which has been developed by SCI.

Offering a number of improvements over the previous SIDS 1.2, the latest SIDS 2.0 includes Design Expert, integrated deep deck design, RHS Slimflor design and roll forward and roll back functionality.

The new Design Expert simplifies the design process by allowing users to create optimised beam designs based purely on general arrangement and loading data. By utilising an expert knowledge database, the design may be optimised on minimum depth or minimum weight criteria.

The designer is presented with a set of design schemes which satisfy the chosen criteria. A single scheme can then be selected, reviewed and manually adjusted.

SIDS 2.0 also provides the complete Slimflor design package by incorporating deep deck analysis and design functionality. This feature allows the floor plate of beam and slab to be defined and checked in a single operation.

Since edge beams are frequently subject to torsional moments it is often desirable to use rectangular hollow sections (RHS Slimflor) in these situations. Design of these beams is now possible within SIDS, superseding and replacing the RHS Slimflor software which is now withdrawn.

Another important enhancement is the fact that the design of RHS Slimflor sections is now possible within SIDS 2.0, superseding and replacing the RHS Slimflor software which has now been withdrawn.

The new roll forward and roll back option allows the designer to move between the current and immediately previous designs, so the effect of design changes can be assessed without losing the previous input data.

Existing users with an internet link will receive automatic notification of the availability of SIDS 2.0 and will also be offered an immediate download.

SIDS 2.0 is also available from Corus Construction website at

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