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AD 340: Elastic Moduli of Angle sections

It has been drawn to our attention that the values given in AD 261 for the elastic section moduli about the v-v axis for unequal angles were in error.  The values stated were greater than the correct values.  The values are needed for the design of single angle sections subject to lateral torsional buckling, in accordance with clause of BS 5950 1: 2000.

The values for equal leg angles were correct but for ease of reference, the correct values of moduli about u-u and v-v axes for both equal and unequal angle sections are presented below.

Guidance on the design of angles, in relation to lateral torsional buckling, is given in AD262.

In order to retain the accurate formatting of the equations in this technical paper, the tables are available as a pdf download only.

Click here to download and view it.

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