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Painting a bright future

Overcoming challenging times, Jamestown continues to invest in its future and has recently commissioned a new blast tunnel and adjoining paint

Presidents Column October 2021

With the recent news of Cleveland Bridge going into administration, I remember back to a time in 1994 when I was a student at Imperial College. Over a period …

Steel ready to lead towards sustainable future

Construction, like much of industry, is still on the back foot after a year when the only surprise is that COVID-19 and Brexit didn’t do as much economic …

Schools to get ‘transformative’ investment

A ten-year ‘multi-wave’ and ‘transformative’ school building programme has been announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with over £1,000M promised …

Time for action on investment

Corus Chief Executive Officer Kirby Adams has called on government to support construction by increasing infrastructure investment and bringing projects …

May 2006 – Investment the key ingredient

Overseas constructional steelwork sectors frequently visit the UK to try and grasp what it is that gives our industry such a commanding share of the market. …

Rooney spotlights opportunities in Ireland

Steel companies are well placed to take advantage of opportunities in Northern Ireland, according to Dennis Rooney, chairman of the Development Fund for …


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