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Single Storey Buildings – Best practice guidance for developers, owners, designers and constructors

‘Successful ‘shed’ construction relies on the interdependence of various parties in the supply chain – this publication aims to assist this process’

Steel-framed long-span single storey buildings, widely known as ‘sheds’, are a common sight across the UK, fulfilling a variety of roles from large functional distribution warehouses to modern, attractive leisure facilities. The shed sector is now one of the most efficient and successful in UK construction with an annual value of approximately £1 billion for frames and £1.5 billion for associated envelope systems.

Rising client expectations, Health & Safety regulations and sustainability initiatives are impacting on shed construction. In turn, the technologies used to meet these requirements demonstrate a willingness to embrace innovation in design, manufacturing and detailing. This demands high level of understanding of the interdependence of the supply chain. Single storey buildings is not a technical guide to the design and construction of sheds, but rather an attempt to make all players in the supply chain fully aware of the nature of their interrelationship, and the impact of decisions along the supply chain. It is the result of candid discussions between experts (members of the Single Storey Building Group) with practical experience and the scars that accompany many years in construction.

The publication has five sections: Introduction, Procurement Process, Overall Design, Detail Design Issues, and Client, Contractor and Professional Team Issues. Topics range from Design & Build contracts, selection of supply chains, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, social aspects, environmental considerations, emissions reduction, compliance strategy, roof drainage systems and design parameters, to name but a few.

“Even if you are not directly involved in sheds, it would do no harm to anybody in the supply chain to read it” says Mr Graham Raven, member of SSB Group.

PRICES:  Non-member £40 Member £20 (plus P&P)
Catalogue Ref: P347
Editors: G K Raven M D Heywood
ISBN 1 85942 167 9,
40 pp,  A4 paperback
(full colour), February 2006

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