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Integral Steel Bridges: A summary of current practice in design and construction

Since 1996, the extent of integral bridge construction has grown significantly and preferred forms of construction and construction details have developed.  This Technical Report presents an overview of the forms that have been most commonly chosen for bridges with composite decks and discusses the details and the reasons for their adoption.

It presents a brief summary of current practice, based on the experience of designers and constructors actively involved in the construction of integral steel bridges.

The report identifies the three principal configurations that are most commonly chosen and presents data about the numbers and types of steel highway bridge that have been built in the period since 2000.  For each of the three configurations, the form of construction of the end supports are described and illustrated, and the particular design and construction issues are discussed.

The effect of skew on the design of the end supports is also discussed, the junction with the road pavement is mentioned and the choices for intermediate supports are presented.

Catalogue Ref: P340
Author: DC Isles
ISBN 1 85942 166 0,
30 pp,  A4 paperback,  December 2005
PRICES:  Non-member £20
Member £15 (plus P&P)


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