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Structural Robustness of Steel Framed Buildings

Structural robustness is an important consideration for the design of buildings so that the likelihood of disproportionate collapse, as a result of accidental actions, is limited. 

This publication provides design guidance on the Eurocode strategies for structural robustness and designing for the avoidance of disproportionate collapse, as required by the UK Building Regulations.

Where the Eurocodes do not include specific requirements, this publication offers recommendations for good practice. The publication covers construction in the UK and reference is made to the UK National Annexes as appropriate.

In addition to the design guidance, this publication offers six worked examples which are included to demonstrate the application of robustness strategies to different classes of building.

Full Price £40.00
(BCSA and SCI member price £20.00)

Catalogue number P391
ISBN number 978-1-85942-198-7

Authors A G J Way MEng CEng MICE
Pagination 126 pp 
Pages A4 Paperback 
Publication date August 2011

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Tel: +44 (0) 1344 636505
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