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Wind actions on single storey buildings

David Brown of the SCI comments on some of the issues frequently raised when determining the loading on this common form of

Design energy efficient buildings that meet the needs of your clients

Changes to the Building Regulations, together with rising energy prices, have pushed energy efficiency to the top of the building client’s agenda, with …

Single Storey Buildings – Best practice guidance for developers, owners, designers and constructors

‘Successful ‘shed’ construction relies on the interdependence of various parties in the supply chain – this publication aims to assist this process’ …

AD 264: Longitudinal Stability of single storey frames in fire boundary conditions

The guidance given on the requirements for longitudinal restraint to columns supporting boundary walls in P313 Single Storey Steel Framed Buildings in Fire …

Single-storey Steel Framed Buildings in Fire Boundary Conditions

Ian Simms reports October 2002 saw the publication of a new SCI Guide for Single Storey Buildings in Boundary Conditions. This publication replaces The …


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