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SCI report opens up new applications for high strength steel

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The SCI has completed a report which identifies research and development topics that may open up new applications for molybdenum-containing steels in the construction industry.

The study considered the markets drivers and trends, the technological challenges for the particular applications, potential solutions with molybdenum involvement and the research needs.

The market segments studied were light gauge construction, buildings, bridges and wind energy, with a brief review of piling and tanks and vessels.

The SCI’s report focused on high strength steels, which are only beneficial in certain structural applications where buckling and deflection do not govern the design. New opportunities for steels with superior toughness and better elevated temperature strength, and stainless steels, were also included.

The most promising application areas for molybdenum-alloyed steels include:

  • Reduced column size in high-rise buildings due to the use of high strength steel.
  • Beams and columns in buildings with reduced fire protection, due to the use of high strength steel or due to the use of a temperature-resistant steel.
  • Lighter bridge girders, due to the use of high strength steel with superior toughness.
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