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A Peddinghaus plasma bevel in action.

Being a family business, Peddinghaus says it has taken onboard a kinship culture to engender an extremely close relationship with its worldwide network of customers.

Peddinghaus Corporation has been serving the metalworking industry for more than 110 years and says it is more than just a manufacturer of machines for structural steelwork and heavy plate processing.

‘’We keep customers ahead of the fabrication curve through strong partnerships, constant research and development, 24/7 customer service, cutting-edge technology and quality components to create machines that are built to last,” says Managing Director of Peddinghaus Corporation UK, Gemma Home-Roberts.

“We never forget that we are a family company. We have more than just a business culture, we have a family culture. This culture starts with the commitment of the skilled craftsmen who build our machines and ends with our customers all over the world.”

Peddinghaus says it provides steelwork contractors with a strong partnership

An example of this partnered approach is Peddinghaus’s long-standing 50-year relationship with steelwork contractor Caunton Engineering. Currently Caunton’s fabrication facility comprises four Peddinghaus drill/saw tandem systems, three Peddinghaus plate processing lines, along with a Peddinghaus coping machine helping to maintain a 35,000t per year shop capacity.

“One of the key drivers for our relationship with Peddinghaus machinery is reliability and speed. It’s not simple machinery, but it’s not too complicated for what we want it to do. There’s no extra bells and whistles that get in the way. It’s exciting, strategic and it’s all about very small gains adding up to very big wins. They have good levels of service and you can pick up the phone and Peddinghaus is there. That’s how we feel we’re part of the Peddinghaus family,” says Caunton Engineering CEO Simon Bingham.

Peddinghaus continues to work closely with Caunton and over the years it has offered support to enable them to alter the fabrication process from a linear to a parallel line, which has greatly improved efficiency. More recently, Peddinghaus has worked with Caunton on a workshop upgrade and during the COVID-19 lockdown period, managed to safely and successfully renew two drill and saw lines.

“The combination of how we run our Peddinghaus machines gives us a better all-round throughput, with each process seamlessly going through to the next. The Advantage-2 milling facility with carbide cutting, is probably one of the best functions we’ve used on a machine, as it saves days in labour time,” says Caunton Engineering Production Director Mark White.

“The thing that sticks out today is how fast the machines are in comparison to the older machines and typically, when you’ve got two older machines sat there with two new ones around it, it’s so obvious. The difference is five or six times quicker it’s quite mind-blowing at times, which was the main driver for our recent upgrade.”

Peddinghaus says the year 2020 has invited an abundance of challenges and uncertainty upon its customers, here in the UK and to others across the globe. While many are still gauging what the short-term and long-term impacts of these challenges will be on business, Peddinghaus will continue to offer customers a long-term partnership, 24-hour based technical support and machines that are built to last for the best possible return on investment.

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