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Helping to make nationwide deliveries, the company has a fleet of 28 trucks.

National Tube Stockholders (NTS) are structural steel tube specialists, its reputation has been built by delivering quality products and consistently high levels of service. Commercial Director, Jonathan Sochart, answers our questions and explains how the company tailors its service to meet the needs of the structural fabrication market.

Q: What range of stock does NTS hold?

“We have over 30,000 tonnes of onsite stock in the UK, including hot and cold structural hollow section up to 30mm-thick and lengths from 7.5m through to 17m, delivered on our fleet of 28 trucks. We also carry stock of hot finished seamless tubes up to 120mm-thick.”

Q: How is NTS different from other providers?

“We’ve been supplying the construction industry for over 35 years. During this time, we have amassed considerable knowledge and experience, which has ultimately led to our recent investment in state-of-the-art laser processing to support the demands of the sector.

“Our overall approach to service is driven by the ever-changing needs of our customers. Teamwork and a dedication to ‘going the extra mile’ are the hallmarks of ‘The NTS Way’ of developing longstanding customer relationships.

“I feel, when evaluating your supply chain, the main thing to consider, alongside stock availability and service level, should be capability. This is where NTS excels. For us, the total customer experience is driven by continually adding value. It begins with effective communication, ensuring customers are informed about progress and developments, keeping delivery promises and meeting expectations. It all culminates in quick, reliable deliveries being made across the UK and Ireland.”

NTS has a dedicated team of skilled workers that use the most up-to-date steel processing equipment.

Q: What changes has NTS seen over the last 35 years?

“Having stocked and supplied steel tubes across five decades, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in processing demand, driven either by customers looking to increase their productivity or due to a general labour and skills shortage. As the UK structural steelwork market evolves and becomes more efficient, NTS continues to invest in new technology to support the sector development.

In 2020, we invested in a purpose-built laser-profiling unit, containing four BLM laser profiling machines – two jumbo laser machines (LT14 and LT24 – the largest in the UK) which can profile up to 610 ØD, for larger projects, and then two LT8 machines, which can process up to 219 ØD – perfect for smaller jobs.”

Q: What are the typical laser applications & benefits?

“You’ve got items like roof trusses, one-off complex tubular structures and then smaller parts like bracings and even edge protection components. We produce saddle cuts, complex cuts, weld preps, mitres, holes and slots.

“The primary benefits over conventional methods of production are accuracy, repeatability, quality of cut and in many cases costs. The cost calculation is specific to the job content and the in-house capabilities of the fabricator.”

Q: Do you have the capability to manage 3D drawings?

“Yes, absolutely. For starters, we have a dedicated CAD team, which can accept multiple file types including widely used Tekla files. The CAD team draws all the parts itself to ensure accuracy before we begin profiling.”

Q: What is the direction of travel for NTS?

“We invest in long-term relationships with quality suppliers, which ensures operating stability to give our customers a stable supply chain so we can consistently deliver.”

“The internal focus of the business is centred around building a professional team who are comprehensively trained in the relevant products and services.”

Q: How does NTS approach customer service?

“We are thoroughly committed to delivering service excellence. This approach has driven the business from its outset and has delivered a sustained growth in our regular customer base We call it ‘The NTS Way’, – our culture is built on openness and dependability.”

Q: How can interested businesses contact you?

“If you’d like to speak with us about your requirements, then please get in touch by phone or email us.”

01845 577 440

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