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AD 473: Holes in beams for temporary lifting attachments

The SCI has been asked to consider the requirement of clause 6.2.5(6) in BS EN 1993-1-1, which covers the allowance for fastener holes when calculating cross …

Resistance of beams and columns in fire: Worked examples to the Eurocodes (P403)

Design of beams with large web openings

Dr. Siamak Bake of the SCI addresses some of the issues associated with the design of these beams, explains the new Eurocode-based approach proposed by the SCI …

Composite slabs and beams using steel decking: Best practice for design and construction

This long awaited Revised Edition covers the design and construction of composite floors, paying particular attention to the good practice aspects. The major …

AD 299: The Use of Intumescent Coatings for the Fire Protection of Beams with Circular Web Openings

In December 2003, SCI issued a report, RT983, Interim guidance on the use of intumescent coatings for the fire protection of beams with web openings and an …

Quicon® design guide to BS 5950-1

Quicon® is a new type of simple connection for steel beams in buildings. It offers significant potential savings in the time taken to erect a steel framed …


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