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Quicon® design guide to BS 5950-1

Quicon® is a new type of simple connection for steel beams in buildings. It offers significant potential savings in the time taken to erect a steel framed building.

Quicon® connections have been subjected to a thorough test programme at Salford University and, following the analysis of these test results by The Steel Construction Institute, design capacities have been calculated for a range of standard connections.

This publication presents guidance for the design of simple connections in steel framed buildings using the Quicon® slotted-hole connection system. The guidance includes an introduction to the Quicon® concept and the components of a typical Quicon® connection, a description of the design model from which the connection capacities are calculated and recommended standard details for the Quicon® T-piece.

The design method is based on the well-established design checks developed for other types of simple connection, as presented in SCI publication P212, Joints in steel construction: Simple connections. These have been supplemented by additional checks that are supported by laboratory tests. Designers are referred to a comprehensive series of design tables in an appendix, which covers a range of Universal Beam sizes from 610mm down to 305mm. These tables should be used with the standard details to ensure a safe design.

Manufacturing tolerances for Quicon® components are also presented, for guidance purposes.

M D Heywood
ISBN 1 85942 160 1,
42 pp,  A4 paperback,
Nov 2004


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