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Resistance of beams and columns in fire: Worked examples to the Eurocodes (P403)

P403Resistance of members at elevated temperature (in fire conditions) is a key component of structural design. The Eurocodes describe how resistances may be calculated, including simple methods which are readily applied to common structural forms.

SCI has published new design guidance in P403 covering the resistance of beams and columns in Fire. This publication presents two numerical worked examples demonstrating the calculation of the critical temperature and resistance at elevated temperature. The examples cover both unprotected and protected solutions, using the simple calculation methods given in the Eurocodes.

The first example is a two-storey structure with non-composite beams and a modest minimum fire resistance period of 30 minutes. The resistance of unprotected and protected members is demonstrated, along with the resistance of a beam-to column bolted end plate connection.

The second example is a seven storey structure with composite beams and a more onerous minimum fire resistance period of 90 minutes. Protected solutions are expected for this longer resistance period. This example demonstrates the calculation of the resistance of a composite beam, utilising NCCI.

The calculation process for both examples is facilitated by two on-line design tools, available from

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Catalogue number SCI P403
ISBN Number 978-1-85942-212-0
Author SCI
Pagination 76pp
Pages A4
Publication date 2014

A complimentary publication, Fire resistance design of steel framed buildings (P375), is also available.


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