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Structural Fire Design: Off-site Applied Thin Film Intumescent Coatings

This publication is presented in two parts.  Part 1 covers the background to the use of off site applied intumescent coatings for structural steelwork and acts as a reference text for Part 2, which presents a Model Specification. By presenting a Model Specification it is hoped that greater uniformity will be achieved in contract specifications relating to off site applied intumescent coatings.

This second edition of SCI P160 has been extensively updated. In Part 1, the guidance on handling, storing and transporting coated steelwork has been updated to reflect the experience that has been gained in these areas. The guidance provided on the fire protection of beams with web openings, concrete filled hollow sections, connections, composite beams and bracing, reflects the latest guidance available. Information has now been included on the protection of partially exposed members.

The Model Specification, Part 2, has been rewritten.

The information presented in this publication is specific to hot rolled structural sections and hot rolled structural hollow sections, designed for use in buildings.

Editors: L C Newman, J J Dowling, and W I Simms
ISBN 1 85942 162 8,
48 pp,
A4 paperback,
Feb 2004


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