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SMD launches new decking and updated design software

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Structural Metal Decks (SMD) has launched the new R51+ metal decking product along with an updated version of its Elements design software.

The company said that after listening to feedback from clients and customers, its technical team identified the need for improvement in the re-entrant shallow floor decking product to provide greater design flexibility.

The original R51 profile has been part of the SMD shallow floor deck suite since the early 1990s, and with claimed improved structural efficiency, the R51+ is expected to prove just as popular.

SMD claims the R51+ offers the same core benefits as its predecessor; excellent slab load carrying capacity, shallow slab depth option (100mm minimum for 1-hour fire rating) and flexibility for shear stud placement, due to 150mm trough spacings. It is available in S350 and S450 grades and thicknesses from 0.8mm to 1.2mm.

SMD Technical Director Jamie Turner (pictured) said: “With the ever-changing landscape of construction, it was highlighted by our sales team that some of our clients needed a better option than our old R51 product. Two years of R&D including an extensive testing programme followed, which has led to the launch of R51+.

“The perfectly-timed launch coincides with the updated version of our Elements design software. It now includes both R51+ along with the old R51 profile to allow engineers to run checks on existing designs.”

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