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SCI assessed awarded to deck properties

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Structural properties of the TR60+ and TR80+ profiled steel sheeting products from Structural Metal Decks (SMD) are the latest addition to the list of products and data that have received SCI Assessed status.

Structural properties important for the design and specification of composite floor decking have been assessed for sheeting manufactured in 0.9mm, 1.0mm and 1.2 mm thicknesses and S350 and S450 grades of galvanized steel.

The assessment included the analysis of tests on profiled steel sheeting performed on behalf of SMD at the University of Southampton, and the subsequent derivation of characteristic properties for use in design. The two profiles included, TR60+ and TR80+, are trapezoidal profiles with a shoulder height of 60mm and 80mm respectively.

Characteristic values were determined for the design properties that define the spanning capabilities of the profiles at both the construction and normal stage, namely: sagging and hogging bending resistances; sagging and hogging second moment of areas; web-crushing resistance; and composite bond performance.

In addition to the characteristic values, test data from two-span continuous tests were analysed to determine the performance of the profiles over the support, specifically the amount of moment redistribution possible, the failure mechanisms over the support and the relationship between the hogging second moment of area and the applied shear. These relationships can be used in design using the SCI Improved Engineering Method.

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