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Reusing steel is the sustainable choice

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The BCSA has recently received a number of enquires regarding the design and construction of projects to be done, in part, with reused steel sections.

“Structural sections can be reused or infinitely multicycled into new steel, unlike other construction materials which usually end up in landfill,” said BCSA Director General Derek Tordoff. “When designing with reused steel sections designers need to take into account that the dimensions and mechanical prop- erties vary depending on the date of manufacture.”

The BCSA recommends design- ers refer to the ‘Historical Structural Steelwork Handbook’ at www. for more in depth information on the subject.

An example of reused steel being utilised in a new build project is the BCSA’s new Yorkshire office near Garforth. This structure was designed and built using reused sections taken from a nearby demolished warehouse.

Developer John Wilson used 82t of reused steel for the new office building. All the sections were disassembled and then refabricated in to a new frame.

“This is something we do on a regular basis,” said Oliver Wilson Corrigan of John Wilson.

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