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British Standards to be withdrawn in favour of Eurocodes

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In March 2010 the BSI will withdraw all those British Standards that conflict with the European design standards – the Eurocodes – and replace them with the relevant set of Eurocodes.

Dr David Moore, BCSA Director of Engineering, said: “For the design of steel buildings it’s likely that the set of European Standards will include 16 Eurocodes, together with their associated National Annexes and supporting Published Documents (PDs).”

The Eurocodes for steel and composite buildings are:

BS EN 1993-1-1: 2005
BS EN 1993-1-2: 2005
BS EN 1993-1-3: 2006
BS EN 1993-1-4: 2006
BS EN 1993-1-5: 2006
BS EN 1993-1-6: 2007
BS EN 1993-1-8: 2005
BS EN 1993-1-9: 2005
BS EN 1993-1-10: 2005
BS EN 1993-1-11: 2006
BS EN 1993-1-12: 2007
BS EN 1993-5: 2007
BS EN 1993-6: 2007
BS EN 1994-1-1
BS EN 1994-1-2
PD 6695-1-9: 2008
PD 6695-1-10: 2009
BS 5950-9

All British Standards will be superseded by at least one Eurocode, the table shows the relationship between the two for steel structures.

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