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Supporting Services from Structure

This guide, the fourth in a series called ‘Interface Engineering Publications’, aims to provide guidance on the best ways to engineer the interface between structural design and service distribution. BSRIA and SCI have pooled their technical knowledge to provide structural and services engineers with consistent, interlocking advice.

Most buildings require a labyrinth of ducts and pipes, together with miles of cables. All of these need to be supported in a way that safely transfers the load without causing damage to the services or to the structure.

This publication, repackaged from existing BSRIA and SCI guidance, begins with an introduction to the design issues faced by structural and building services engineers and examines the implications of certain key design decisions on the integration of building services into the structure. There are many ways in which the services may be attached to the structure and several of the most common options are discussed in detail. These include fixings to beam flanges, steel decking and solid concrete slabs.

R Bunn and M Heywood
ISBN 0 86022 634 4,
32 pp,  A4 paperback,  Nov 2004


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