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November 2013 – Cost guidance for steel construction

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Economic recovery seems to be the dominant theme in the financial news pages these days, and survey after survey confirms that things are getting better in the construction industry. Margins remain tight and we are a long way off a return to pre-recession levels of demand, but the previously half empty glass definitely has a half full look about it.

Cost will always be a major factor influencing decisions on whether to invest, whatever stage of the business cycle we happen to be in, and it also swings decisions on what type of framing solution to use. Steel wins out on most occasions for multi storey buildings, for example, as a long history of market share surveys shows.

A careful approach to cost planning pays dividends, as a wrong decision based on inadequate understanding will be expensive to rectify. Having realistic cost information to hand is crucial, as is a well developed appreciation of what factors are important.

The steel sector is committed to helping designers and others involved in the cost process – the fuller the industry’s understanding of the cost advantages of steel, the more steel will be appreciated. Regularly updated cost information is freely available on the steel construction website where a series of Steel Insight analyses from cost consultants Gardiner & Theobald are available that explore cost related topics like pricing structural steelwork and cost planning through the design stages, as well as comparative cost studies on a variety of building types including multi storey offices, schools and hospitals where steel has cost as well as other proven advantages.

With this issue of NSC you will find a new steel sector guidance document called Steel Construction: Cost which brings together a lot of this previously published material into one convenient source. It is also being distributed with a range of construction magazines and is available for free download at

Examples of how steel construction provides cost effective solutions for the widest range of buildings is of course available with each issue of NSC, and this issue is no exception. Whether it involves creating space for a large retail development over a live main railway station, student accommodation, squeezing a modern commercial development into a tight City space, the first arena to earn a BREEAM rating or a waste to energy plant, steel is proving to be the cost effective option. The new guidance document will help to explain why.

Nick Barrett

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