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Installation begins for Cornish castle link

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Spanning approximately 70m, a new steel footbridge that will link Tintagel Castle with the Cornish mainland is beginning to take shape.

The castle’s remote location and challenging landscape have called for an innovative approach to the construction. Formed by two cantilevers, which reach out and almost touch in the middle, the bridge is being installed without scaffolding or free-standing supports.

The erection programme is being carried out with a cable crane, which uses technology pioneered in the Swiss Alps. Previously, the crane delivered materials to the site, put in place rock anchors and helped build the bridge’s foundations.

The bridge has been divided into 12 fully fabricated sections, each weighing up to 4.5t. Working on behalf of the main contractor, Underhill Engineering began the offsite fabrication of the sections last Autumn.

English Heritage Head of Historic Properties in Cornwall Georgia Butters said: “Following the arrival of the first pieces, we will quickly see the bridge take shape. It will be a spectacular new addition to the site, and will hugely improve the experience and access for our visitors.”

The remains of the 13th Century Tintagel Castle are located on both the mainland and small island, which were once united by a narrow strip of land. The footbridge will follow the path of the original land bridge and will replace a steep staircase, which currently provides the only access to the island.

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