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Induction bending arrives at section benders

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An Induction Bending machine has been installed at Barnshaw Section Benders, increasing the number of tube and section processes the company can offer.

The company said it can now bend sections to a much tighter radius and complete finished  bends with very little cross sectional deformity.

The recently installed machine can produce bends ranging from four inch up to 28 inch in pipes as well as CHS members with wall thicknesses up to 30mm. The machine can also bend various RHS, SHS, eliptical sections, universal beams and columns.

The induction bending process uses an induction coil to heat a small part of the cross sectional area to create a narrow band that allows the section to be formed via the use of a controlled clamping and hydraulic system.

The machine uses an alternating electric current along with the conductive material properties to create the localised heat band. As the section is pushed through at a controlled feed rate, the material is constantly water cooled and this in turn forms the section at the required radius.

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