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Bridge to bring peace to Irish city

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Designs for a new £13M foot/cycle bridge across the River Foyle in Londonderry have been unveiled.

To be known as the Peace Bridge, the structure is a curved self-anchored suspension bridge, with two inclined pylons dividing it into three continuous spans of 65m, 100m and 65m over the river, and two approach spans of 37m.

The main deck comprises a fabricated triangular closed cell steel girder with cantilever cross girders. The overall deck will vary between 4m and 5.6m, while the parapets are a minimum of 1.4m high and formed in stainless steel. The pylon comprises a varying six-sided fabricated steel section with an overall height of 32m.

The bridge is being designed and constructed by Graham Construction, the architect is Wilkinson Eyre and the structural engineer is AECOM.

The project team said the crossing not only unites the communities on the east and west banks of the river, but will also enhance the comprehensive future aspirations of the mixed use development in the Ebrington area of Londonderry.

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