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Countdown to Eurocode Implementation

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June 2009 will see the first publication by the steel sector of Eurocode worked examples that include the influence of the UK National Annexes. Examples have been available for some time on the Access-Steel website (see box) but these adopt the recommended values in the Eurocodes rather than the UK NA values.

The publication is really a re-worked version of an earlier set of examples sponsored by Corus. The first set of examples were prepared as a free resource for lecturers teaching steel design – hence the tithe “Worked examples for students”. By request the values in the examples were the recommended values, not the UK NA values – which were in any case not published at the time.

In recent months the key UK NAs have been published by BSI, making this re-worked version possible. The title has been retained, but this should not put practicing designers off – we are all being educated when designing to the Eurocodes!  The examples in the UK version may look little different to the originals in some cases, which is indeed the case – often the changes imposed by the UK NA are subtle.

The examples cover many of the ordinary design situations that form the basis of typical design, including beam design, columns, design, connection design, choice of steel sub-grade and frame stability. The examples should serve as a useful reference when starting Eurocode design.  SCI Members will receive a free copy in June.

The worked example publication is the first of many. With support from Corus and BCSA, a whole suite of guides has been prepared including:

  • Introduction to the Eurocodes
  • Member resistances (the Eurocode “Blue Book”)
  • Worked examples in open and hollow sections
  • A concise guide
  • Multi-storey design
  • Simple connections
  • Composite construction
  • Bridge design
  • Fire engineering

Some of these guides will be published this calendar year, with others to follow.

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