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Around the Press – October 2010

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New Civil Engineer
2 September 2010
Northern verve

(Wigan Life Centre) One of the project’s most challenging aspects is along the eastern facade where a 37m-long by 7m deep king truss has been erected to help create the area for the main pool.

New Civil Engineer
9 September 2010
Blackfriars: Spanning the Thames

Around 8,000t of scrap is being craned out to be taken away by river barge, and 14,000t of new material is delivered in the same way, an environmental benefit saving the congestion of 2,000 lorry journeys in the busy local City streets. New steel is being fabricated by Watson Steel and barge loaded downstream at Greenwich.

Construction News
9 September 2010
Cricket club gambles on a fast delivery

(Edgbaston) The proximity to the road means the contractor has looked into preparing elements offsite. For instance, standard practice would be to fire protect the steel frame by coating it with an intumescent spray once on site. Instead, all the steel is delivered pre-sprayed, taking out the risk of spraying near the main road.

Construction News
2 September 2010
Steel chief warns of tough market

(Severfield-Rowen Chief Executive Tom Haughey) “The key market sectors of power, energy and waste, London commercial offices and infrastructure present good opportunities in 2011 and beyond.”

The Structural Engineer
3 August 2010
Kenneth Severn Award

Suppliers are working on making steel less damaging to the environment through process improvements – making materials less energy and carbon intensive – and increases in their  recycled content. Structural engineers need to be aware of the potential impact of careful specification and support supplies in their efforts.

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