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Around the Press: May 2010

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Construction News
8 April 2010
Waste energy plant weathers big freeze
Bourne Steel has erected more than 2,000 tonnes of steel in the main structure, and a similar amount also being used to build internal supports and walkways.

Construction News
31 March 2010
Bristol BSF schools in a class of their own
With the site sloping from north to south down to the river a suspended steel bridge will bring pedestrians into the ground floor level of the new building which also features a lower ground, first and second floors.

The Structural Engineer
7 April 2010
Amendment to BS 5950-3.1
Composite beams are a very popular form of construction in buildings. The combination of the steel section and concrete slab provides an efficient section. In many cases the slab is also composite with a profiled metal deck providing permanent formwork and reinforcement.

New Civil Engineer
31 March 2010
Olympics Velodrome roof lifted into position
Measuring 5,000m² in size and using 16km of cabling, the roof is joined to the steel structure, which rises in height by 12m from the shallowest point to the highest part of the structure. This forms the distinctive double-curved shape that has been designed to reflect the geometry of the cycling track.

1 April 2010
Paradise for petrol heads
Minimising the number of internal columns was essential to maximising flexibility but large spans mean deep roof trusses that weren’t going to work in a height restricted building. The solution is a double arrangement of steel I beams for the columns and horizontal beams.

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