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L-R: Richard laffan, Carol Micklethwaite, Richard Stewart, Paul Windsor

L-R: Richard Laffan, Carol Micklethwaite, Richard Stewart, Paul Windsor

Designers and specifiers are reminded that there is an easy way to solve any steel construction query – contact the Tata Steel Construction Hotline.

Whatever you need to know about steel construction, whether it’s a query about section sizes, fire engineering, intumescent paint or even bolts, there is a one-stop shop available that can assist with any design, specification, use or performance related issue.

At the Tata Steel Construction Hotline a resident team is on hand to get enquiries to the right technical experts either within Tata Steel or the wider steel sector. The Construction Hotline offers impartial advice and support that ensures the best value solution is given.They have a wide range of experience dealing with all sorts of diverse calls and if they don’t know the answer themselves, they will know someone who does.

The hotline is a free service and is more than ten years old. During this time it has provided thousands of people with invaluable construction industry assistance and has become an invaluable resource that supports the steel construction supply chain.

By simply dialling 01724 405060 during office hours, you are immediately in contact with a team who can answer questions on a myriad of topics, including specifications, steel availability or even codes and standards. If they think the enquiry can be better answered more thoroughly elsewhere the call will be diverted.

“In addition to our own knowledge and experience we have access to experts across other centres of excellence within Tata Steel and to those within at the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) and the Steel Construction Institute,” adds Richard Laffan of the Construction Hotline.

“One key aspect of the Construction Hotline is to support our customers in getting the right information and guidance.  It’s a great place to start and get access to the wealth of details and advice on steel.”

Distributing information and enquiries within and about Tata Steel’s many businesses is another important part of the hotline’s mission.

Someone that works for Tata Steel Energy & Power in Corby may have a question relating to construction products produced at Shotton. The Hotline again provides the best link for these enquiries.

Another key aspect of the hotline’s appeal is its human touch, something sadly lacking from website enquiry services.

“The one to one service is key,” says Neil Tilley, Tata Steel Manager, Construction Market Development. “Looking at a website to get information is fine, but being able to pick up the phone and actually speak to another person is preferable.”

Often an initial question leads on to another. As a telephone service, the hotline team are able to deal with all follow-on aspects to an enquiry during a single conversation, ensuring that the caller gets all of the information they need there and then.

“The human touch is important and definitely one of the main benefits of the hotline,” agrees Carol Micklethwaite, Technical Advisory Engineer. “Enquiry lines for many large companies have a recorded option message which puts many people off. By phoning the hotline you are directly through to one of our team who can start answering the enquiry immediately.”

Contact the Tata Steel Construction Hotline on 01724 405060 or email:

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