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AD 308: Fire Protection of Beams with Web Openings

Following the publication of RT983 ‘Interim guidance on the use of intumescent coatings for the fire protection of beams with web openings’ in December 2003, SCI prepared a further report RT1006 ‘Fire Design of Cellular Beams with Slender Web Posts’, in May 2004.  This report was prepared for Westok Limited, to extend the scope of the guidance given in RT983 specifically for beams designing at room temperature using Cellbeam software.

Westok Limited has now issued Cellbeam V6.0.10 which includes a fire design module. This software reports limiting temperatures for each beam design and generic tables of limiting temperature are no longer required. Westok have therefore requested that SCI issue this public notification of the withdrawal of RT1006.

Using the limiting temperatures from Cellbeam, the determination of an appropriate protection thickness should be based on the manufacturer’s product specific fire testing data, obtained from fire testing carried out in accordance with the ASFP fire testing protocol for cellular beams.  In the short term, generic data given in Table 4.1, Table 4.2, Table 4.3 and Appendix B of RT1085 may also be used, but in future this document will also be withdrawn.

Contact: Dr Ian Simms
Tel: 01344 636557

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