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New wide flange purlins launched

July 13, 2017 by NSC in News
voestalpine Metsec has launched the wide flange purlin, claiming it had identified a need in the claddings market for a flange with a wider surface for fixing to.

Previously, cladders working on a project that required a larger fixing face would have to engineer a solution from existing products and work around the problem.

The company said the introduction of this product means that the roofing contractor has an on-hand, bespoke, engineered solution which reduces the amount of materials and labour needed, as well as providing a cost saving.

Kevin Jones, Sales Director for Metsec Purlins, said: “Our focus is on service and meeting our customers’ needs at all times. In speaking with our customers, we realised claddings that needed a larger fixing face was a pain point for them, and so we developed our wide flange purlin product that would give an engineered, fit-for-purpose solution.

“By introducing this into the market, we aim to save both time and money for our customers as well as providing an easy-to-use solution that we hope will become the standard for claddings with larger fixing faces.”

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