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Tension Control Bolts

Tension Control Bolts Grade S10T are readily available in the UK.  However, the manufacture of the bolts and the method of tightening are not explicitly covered by British or European Standards.

This publication provides an ‘industry standard’ for the design of structural steelwork connections using preloaded Tension Control Bolts Grade S10T (TCBs). These fasteners and tightening technology are of Japanese origin and this publication provides advice in the interpretation of the preloaded bolt standards in the UK in regard to TCBs. A design method for preloaded TCBs Grade S10T that satisfies the recommendations of BS 5950‑1:2000 and BS 5400‑3:2000 is given.

A description of the tightening process, an outline of the manufacturing specifications and procurement requirements are also included. Worked examples are provided, illustrating the design of typical steelwork connections using preloaded TCBs Grade S10T.

Design tables are given for connections using TCBs; the tables give bearing, shear, slip and tensile resistances according to BS 5950‑1 and BS 5400‑3.

TC Cosgrove
ISBN 1 85942 156 3,
86 pp,  A4 paperback,
Nov 2004

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