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BCSA publishes welding guide

BCSA has recently published a book of typical Welding Procedure Specifications for use in structural steelwork using the Metal-arc Active Gas (MAG) process.

Written by a group of welding engineers and industry experts the publication is aimed at simplifying and standardising welding procedures used in structural steelwork.

While the book is intended for use by all those actively involved in welding and welding technology it is primarily aimed at providing a framework for steelwork contractors to develop and qualify rationalised welding procedures, appropriate to their range of activities.

The book outlines the most common weld joint types, in material grades up to and including BS EN 10025 – S355J2, and details the route to qualifying them in accordance in accordance with the current European Standard BS EN ISO 15614-1.

The book contains 14 preliminary Welding Procedure Specifications (pWPS) that may be used to support the qualification of a range of partially completed Welding Procedure Specifications also contained in the book.

To assist the user weld joint types are placed in categories from 1 to 5 where in general terms, the higher the category number, the more difficult the joint type is to produce. A steelwork contractor would review the weld joint types he most commonly uses, identify the appropriate category, carry out welding qualification tests based on the identified pWPS and then complete the Welding Procedure Specifications linked to that category.

The book is published by the BCSA and can be ordered from the BCSA website or by calling BCSA Publications on 0207 7839 8566. The book is priced at £40 incl p&p.

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