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Restraints around portal frames

In this second technical article on portal frames, David Brown of the Steel Construction Institute reviews the all-important correct positioning and …

Stability and second order effects on steel structures: Part 1: fundamental behaviour

Ricardo Pimentel of the SCI introduces the topics of buckling phenomenon, second order effects and the approximate methods to allow for those effects. In part …

AD 418: Web-post buckling in composite beams with rectangular and elongated web openings

The design of composite beams with large web openings is presented in SCI P355, which has been adopted in the development of software for the design of both …

The design of hybrid fabricated girders – part 2

In Part Two of the article, David Brown of the SCI discusses the lateral torsional buckling resistance and shear resistance of hybrid

Use of LTBeamN

Calculating Ncr and Mcr by hand for use in Eurocode design can be challenging for anything but the simple cases. LTBeamN, a free software tool, can readily …

Web Bearing and Buckling to BS EN 1993-1 + Buckling modes of angles and channels in compression

The development of the new Blue Book on member resistances highlighted some new methods. Edurne Nunez Moreno of the SCI explains the background to two of the …

Design of Cruciform Sections using BS 5950-1:2000

Many engineers will be relatively unfamiliar with torsional modes of buckling, but they are explicitly covered in the Eurocodes. Steel Construction Institute …


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