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Steel guidance; forty and counting

The Steel Industry Guidance Notes (SIGNS), distributed with issues of NSC since January 2006, have now completed four successful years.

SIGNS are short, two page inserts that give practical advice on technical, commercial, legal, marketing, and health and safety issues that build into a comprehensive set of notes on key aspects of steel construction. The audience for SIGNS includes clients, architects, M&E contractors, QS and engineers.

Each guidance note, is also carried on a number of web sites, contains practical advice on the back page making the advice easy to locate, assimilate and apply. They also contain either a contact point for further information or a list of up-to-date references where additional information can be found.

Each guidance note is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that only the most relevant and up to date information is available.

Forthcoming topics to be covered in SIGNS during 2010 will include: Assessing all structures bending, curving and cambering; envelope connections; responsible sourcing through the supply chain; welding procedures; friction grip assemblies; thermal performance; tubular joints; shallow floor solutions; correct detailing for galvanised steelwork, and adjudication.

Since January 2006 there have been 40 SIGNS:

SN40  Corrosion protection
SN39  Inspection documents
SN38  Life cycle assessment of buildings
SN37  Web openings in composite beams
SN36  BS9999: A new approach to design of fire precautions
SN35  Long span composite beams
SN34  Through-thickness Properties
SN33  Steel Industry Guidance Notes (SIGNS)
SN32  Execution of Steel Structures
SN31  Structural Hollow Sections – Making the correct choice
SN30  Construction (Design & Management) Regulations and the Role of the Designer
SN29  Sustainable Steel Construction
SN28  Truss design
SN27  Fracture Toughness
SN26  European Standard for Preloadable Bolts
SN25  Hot Rolling of Open Sections
SN24  Castings in Construction
SN23  Allocation of Design Responsibilities in Steel Construction
SN22  Structural Fire Safety Engineering of Steel Structures
SN21  Stability of Temporary Bracing
SN20  Modern standard forms of contract for modern, collaborative styles of procurement?
SN19  Intumescent Coatings
SN18  National Structural Steelwork Specification
SN17  CE marking of Steel Products
SN16  The case for steel
SN15  Design Information for Constructional Steelwork Projects
SN14  The prevention of corrosion on structural steelwork
SN13  Composite Construction
SN12  Steel Specification
SN11  Factors Influencing Steelwork Prices
SN10  Galvanizing Structural Steelwork – Guidance for Engineers on how to reduce the risk of Liquid Metal Assisted Cracking
SN09  Sustainable steel construction
SN08  Welding is a key fabrication process, yet little understood outside the workshop
SN07  Floor Vibrations
SN06  Achieiving airtightness with metal cladding systems
SN05  Steel in fire
SN04  Health and Safety on Site
SN03  Money: the most important thing
SN02  Tolerances in structural steelwork
SN01  Good Accoustic Performance

All of the above are available for free download at the following websites:

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