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Four and half years of steel guidance

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This month sees the Steel Industry Guidance Notes (SIGNS), distributed with issues of New Steel Construction since January 2006, complete four and a half successful years.

SIGNS are short, two page inserts that give practical advice on technical, commercial, legal, marketing, and health and safety issues that build into a comprehensive set of notes on key aspects of steel construction.

The audience for SIGNS includes clients, architects, M&E contractors, quantity surveyors and engineers. Advice contained within each issue is easy to locate, assimilate and apply. A contact point is included should further information be required and a list of up-to-date references clearly identify where additional guidance can be found.

Each guidance note is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that only the most relevant and up to date information is available.

Since January 2006 there have been 46 SIGNS with the last ten consisting of:

  • SN45 Preloaded Bolt Assemblies
  • SN44 SIGNS
  • SN43 Shallow Floor Solutions in Steel
  • SN42 Curving Steelwork
  • SN41 Appraisal of Steel Structures
  • SN40 Corrosion Protection
  • SN39 Inspection Documents
  • SN38 Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings
  • SN37 Web Openings in Composite Beams
  • SN36 BS9999: A New Approach to Design of Fire Precautions in Buildings

All of the above are available for free download at the following websites:

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