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Steel Building Design: Design Data, Updated 2013

BlueBookMay13The “Blue Book” remains the essential aid for the design of structural steelwork, providing tabulated member resistances in accordance with the Eurocode 3 and the UK National Annex.

The new edition provides certain information in a more convenient format, particularly for unrestrained beams in bending. The two main changes in the updated version are:

  • Lateral torsional buckling resistances are now quoted for convenient values of the factor C1, covering common design cases such as a UDL and a central point load. Previously, lateral torsional buckling resistances were quoted at fixed values of C1, and users had to interpolate for some of the common design cases. The values given in the earlier editions are entirely correct and appropriate for use. The 2013 update simply improves the convenience of the look-up tables.
  • In previous editions the bearing resistances for bolts in clearance holes were calculated based on nominal dimensions of bolt group geometry (such as end distance, edge distance, etc), rather than the actual values quoted in the tables, and were slightly conservative in a few cases. The 2013 update presents bearing resistances based on the tabulated values of bolt geometry.

The Blue Book contains comprehensive information on steel members, including:

  • Section property data for UB, UC, Joists, ASB sections, channels, and angles
  • Section property data for hot-finished and cold-formed hollow sections, including oval cross sections
  • Effective section properties.
  • Compression, tension, and bending resistances
  • Web resistances (under local loads)
  • Resistances used in the verification of members subject to combined axial compression and bending
  • Resistances for ordinary bolts, pre-loaded bolts and welds.

The new edition of the “Blue Book” will be available to purchase from the end of May 2013.

Full Price £80  (BCSA and SCI Member price £60.00)
To purchase copies of this publication please visit the SCI shop at: or contact publication sales on; +44 (0)1344 636505

Catalogue number P363
ISBN Number 978-1-85942-186-4
Authors The BCSA and The SCI
Pagination 690 pp
Pages A4 Paperback
Publication date 2013

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