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New metal decking guides will aid onsite safety

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ndecking1611The British Constructional Steelwork Association’s [BCSA] Metal Decking Group has developed four short guidance documents for those involved in the planning and preparation of metal decking installation.

BCSA Director of Health, Safety & Training Peter Walker said: “The documents will help to communicate the relevant information to main contractors which will help assist in the coordination necessary to help maintain good safety practices on-site.”

The guidance documents are: Loading and Positioning of Packs; System Edge Protection Installation; Propping Guide, and Concrete Pouring.

“A contractor has a key role to play in cooperating with other contractors where the work could affect the health and safety of workers,” said Mr Walker.

One of the key areas for on-site safety is the positioning of metal decking packs onto the steel frame. These should be positioned in a planned sequence so as to provide easy access, and to allow the installers to fit them while making a safe working platform for themselves.

“The key to this is proper coordination of the work, underpinned by good communication and cooperation between all those involved in the installation of metal decking,’ said Mr Walker.

The guidance documents are available for free at:

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