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SCI to assess blind bolts

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Working alongside the University of Manchester, the SCI is preparing design resistances for blind bolts, which are commonly used in one-sided applications.

Blind bolts have an anchor located within a slotted shank, which rotates into position once the bolt is inserted into a cavity. A testing programme is underway which will produce design resistances for shear, bearing, tension and combined shear and tension. The assessment of the test results will be in accordance with the Eurocode procedure, allowing the resistances to be used with Eurocode designs.

When complete, the design resistances will have the SCI Assessed endorsement, with designers able to review the scope of the assessment on the SCI Assessed website:

David Brown, SCI Deputy Director, said: “SCI Assessed gives manufacturers a cost effective way to differentiate their product in a highly competitive marketplace; equally it gives those purchasing technical products and services added independent assurance.”

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