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SCI seeks designers feedback

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SCI’s publications have been a key part of its offerings for more than twenty years. In more recent times it has complimented this hard copy information with the likes of and

“In order to continue to effectively fulfil its role as disseminators of best practice to the steel construction sector, we must be aware of the changing face of technology, and look in to what best meets the needs of today’s engineers; especially how and when you need technical information and what your preferred format is for accessing it,” said Graham Couchman, SCI Chief Executive.

If you are a practicing designer the SCI would be very interested to talk to you about your preferred ways of getting technical support. It would like to gauge how you use the information and when you would typically access it.

If you are interested in participating and providing feedback, please contact James Attree or Graham Couchman at SCI, tel: 01344 636 583

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