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Riser pod to arrest building site falls

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Lowe Engineering said it is set to make a significant contribution to improving site safety with an innovative flooring solution developed to prevent workers falling down riser shafts.

The company has launched its Lowe Riser Pod (circled in picture), a pre-manufactured solution that provides a covering which closes up the openings inside service shafts in multi-storey buildings.

The pods consist of a series of moveable steel cross beams overlaid by chequer plates. During the construction phase, the pod acts as a part of the floor, then, when it is time to install the services, the chequer plates are removed and the services fed through the voids.

Ken Ward-Salt, Senior Projects Manager at Lowe Engineering, said: “The current methods contractors use to safeguard personnel working around riser shafts are very unsatisfactory when you consider the risks involved.

“The Lowe Riser Pod represents a huge step forward, because it solves so many problems in one go.”

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