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Repeat CE Marking of upgraded steel sections not permitted

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Sector Group 17, the European Notified Body, recently discussed the CE Marking of steel sections and concluded that, while re-testing of sections to verify the properties of the actual material is permitted, repeat CE Marking is not allowed under the harmonised standard for the manufacture of steel, BS EN 10025-1.

The Group did recognise that re-testing to verify properties and possibly to upgrade the material may be contractually necessary. The procedure for upgrading should be similar to that used for a Type 3.2 Specific Inspection Certificate in that the purchaser would be involved in the testing.

The tests would need to be undertaken as follows:

  • By a test house with accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 that is specific for the type of tests being carried out:
  • In accordance with the test methods and procedures given in BS EN 10025-1
  • The test reports issued should be in the form of specific inspection certificates in accordance with BS EN 10204
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