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Publication: Elastic Design of Single-Span Steel Portal Frame Buildings to Eurocode 3 (P397)

Steel portal frames account for around 50% of the structural steel used in the UK and are firmly established as a light weight, cost effective and efficient way of enclosing usable volumes in construction.

This new publication provides guidance for the design of single-span symmetric portal frames in the UK in accordance with the Eurocodes and the UK National Annexes. The publication gives an overview of the main portal frame elements, loading and initial design before providing more detail on elastic frame analysis and the design of the major components.

The key technical changes from previous practice include:
• Combinations of actions
• The assessment of frame stability
• The allowance for second-order effects (if these are significant)
• The verification of members under combined axial compression and bending

A comprehensive worked example is provided to illustrate the analysis and design process, although it is acknowledged that economic portal frame design is best achieved by the use of bespoke software.

£35 + P&P for BCSA & SCI members
£70 + P&P for Non BCSA and SCI Members

Catalogue number SCI P397
Authors Dorota Koschmidder, David Brown, Abdul Malik, David Iles
ISBN 978-1-85942-205-2
Pagination 175 pp
Format A4
Publication date January 2012

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