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New range of purlin and rail sections developed

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SCI has been involved in the development of ProSigma+, a new range of light gauge steel purlin and rail sections for Duggan Profiles (part of Duggan Steel), as well as producing design data in the form of safe load span tables.

SCI’s work focused predominantly on testing of the sections to determine their actual performance. This resulted in obtaining optimal values for product strength, stiffness and load bearing properties.

Cathal Ware of Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre said: “SCI fine tuned our existing products, developing them further and adding value through testing and analysing activities such as establishing the maximum load capacity for the sections. This has enabled us to promote this enhanced benefit to the marketplace. SCI Assessed status also helps us to differentiate ourselves.”

Although primarily focused on the purlin sections, the work programme also included the provision of guidance on sleeves, cleats and other ancillary components. The project involved six main areas of work;

  • Guidance to Duggan Profiles on the optimum section shape
  • Guidance to Duggan Profiles and the testing organisation on test method, setup and programme
  • Analysis of test results to obtain data required for the design model
  • Development of design model to predict the behaviour of the purlins under gravity and uplift loading
  • Production of design data in the form of load/span tables
  • Guidance on sleeves, cleats and other ancillary components
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