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Interactive Blue Book reaches 5,000 milestone

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The Blue Book, published by the BCSA and SCI, is regarded as the essential tool for steel designers, providing section properties and member capacities in tabular form. A new web based version of the Blue Book has recently been produced by Corus and the SCI – the interactive Blue Book – and has achieved its 5,000th registered user. The interactive tool started life supporting the introduction of the Advance section range and was initially distributed in CD format only.

Since then the interactive Blue Book has been upgraded to include the full range of Corus structural sections and members, and has become an essential desk top tool for over 5,000 designers.

The software is now available for download via the Corus Construction website

“As an integral part of a ‘cradle to grave’ quality management of software produced at the SCI, we track all software distribution,” says John Moran, Senior Manager for ICT at SCI. “The interactive Blue Book has outstripped everything we’ve published before, we’ve never had anything used so widely, so quickly.”

The interactive Blue Book is upgraded on a reg- ular basis via an auto update facility and patches are available free of charge to registered users via the Corus Construction website. The latest upgraded edition, available since January, includes Hy- box and Celsius hollow section from Corus Tubes as well as Advance sections.

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