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Guidance on meeting the Robustness Requirements in Approved Document A (2004 Edition)

“Disproportionate collapse”

The 2004 Amendments to the Building Regulations (for England and Wales) include important changes to Part A (Structure). The changes mean that since 1 December 2004 all buildings must be designed to avoid disproportionate collapse.  The 2004 edition of Approved Document A, which accompanies the Building Regulations, specifies four distinct classes of building each of which must have a different set of structural provisions for the prevention of disproportionate collapse

This new publication from the SCI provides designers of steel framed buildings with the necessary guidance to enable them to ensure compliance with the disproportionate collapse requirements of the revised regulations. The reader of the publication is guided through the revised regulations and Approved Document A with each requirement, and how to satisfy it, explained in detail.

The publication includes sections on:

  • Building classification including non-standard cases such as mixed use
  • The regulatory requirements for each building class
  • Practical details for meeting the requirements of each building class
  • Design guidance for each building class including which clauses of BS 5950-1:2000 are applicable.

A worked example demonstrating the design calculations required for a Class 2B building is included.

Author: A G J Way
ISBN 1 85942 163 6,
52 pp,  A4 paperback,
July 2005



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